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Monday, September 9, 2013

Overview of an Islamic Life-style

Islam is a religion of humanity and its message is worldwide and everlasting. Islam is not a religion only pledging the betterment and boost up of an individual’s confidential and private life. Neither is it a religion holding of some doctrines, rites, and traditions. It is an absolute means of life.
An idiosyncratic attribute of Islamic way of life is that it is structured, regimented and absolute means of life. It does not detain its span only to the personal life of a man; relatively it furnishes to all the grounds of human survival.

Islam offers assistance in all strides of life - personage, communal, substantial and ethical, financial and political, legal and civilizing, nationwide and worldwide.

One more exclusive attribute of Islamic mode of life is that it sets up equilibrium between distinctiveness and collectiveness. It trusts in the individuality of man and grips everybody individually accountable and answerable to God.

It promises elementary civil rights to the personage and does not authorize any one to interfere with them. It does not support to the view that man must mislay his individualism in the communal societal life or in the country.

The Islamic way of life stimulates a sense of communal accountability in man, systematizes human beings in a civilization and a state and links the person and the whole communal being to sign up to the shared good of all. Prayer in Islam is observed in flock, which vaccinates communal obedience among its supporters.

An outstanding attribute of Islamic way of life is that it does not split life into waterproof partitions of material and spirit. It considers life as unison. It positions not for life denunciation rather for life accomplishment.
Islam does not trust in aloofness. It does not confess any disconnection between ethical and material. It suggests man to dedicate all his powers to the rebuilding of life on strong base.


It educates him that ethical and material influences must be fused jointly and that spiritual deliverance can be attained by using the material means for the benefit of man, and not by living a life of aloofness.

In the eyes of Islam all men are equivalent, whatsoever be their color, tongue, race or nationality. It awakens the conscience of humankind and throws out all bogus blockades of race, standing and riches.

Islam is universal in its stance. It wishes to join humankind under one flag. It gives the note of life and optimism and assures of a magnificent future.

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

What Qualities Makes a Man Great

The population of the world is now peopled by more than 600 millions of men and women. Nevertheless they are not all great. Barely a few of them falls under the category of greatness. It is therefore obvious that there are a number of exceptional traits, which these few hold whereas the others do not.

Both physical and military strength can never be a standard of greatness nor does it lies in the custody of immense riches. Alexander of Macedon was a great captor. But no one calls him a great man. Hitler, Taimur Lung, Chenghez Khan, Naidr Shah, - all of them were dread to the world. However none bothers to look upon them as great man. Croesus was the wealthiest man in the world and Midas had infinite gold. But they had never been taken care of as great.

Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), Jesus Christ and Gautam Buddha were neither captors like Alexander or Taimur Lung nor well-off like Croesus or Midas. Even then they are considered with the deepest reverence as great men. What, then, were the traits that they hold that made them so great and popular?

Undoubtedly a great man is a captor, but he captors not only the body but also the heart. This he attains by his love and affection for the creatures of God, particularly men. He makes no difference between man and man. In other words, all men are equal in his eyes.

He realizes for the lack of knowledge and melancholy of man and undertakes himself the goal of alleviating all these. For this he overlooks all selflessness and dedicates himself to the welfare of the human beings in general.

He is extremely prudent and by and large thinks and operates properly. Being a human being he is not entirely free from mistakes. But the mistakes occurred by him are but a small in number. He may be looked upon as nearly faultless in all his declarations and proceedings.

He is unselfish. He has thus, no deliberation for his individual welfare and console. He devours whatsoever he gets and outfits himself plainly and lives a very plain life.


A great man has no arrogance for his own acumen. He recognizes his own littleness and considers himself just like a partisan looking for more and more information.

The life of Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is a living instance of what a great man is similar to. He personifies in himself all the excellent traits of a great man. It is for this ground that it has been instructed to all the Muslims to pursue him in all their judgments and activities.

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Las Lajas Cathedral

Las Lajas cathedral was built in 1916 in the mountainous town of Narino. It is a famous belief that Hazrat Marium (mother of Jesus Christ) appeared here.

According to the tradition, in 1754 a Red Indian woman Maria Mueses de Quinones traveled till this location for the treatment of her deaf and dumb daughter "Rosa".

This area was at 6 miles far from the farthest area "Potosi" of Columbia. The woman traveled the long mountainous passage after lading her daughter on her back.

According to the incidents when she reached at this place where there is now cathedral, her daughter suddenly started speaking.

She uttered that she had seen some halo in the cave. It is thought that that halo was of Hazrat Marium.
After some while the local inhabitants founded a cathedral here and just after few days they claimed that they had seen an image on the wall of the cave in which Hazrat Marium was standing with a child in her lap and "saint Francis" and "saint Domenic" are standing in her feet.

The interesting thing is that no human made color had been used in that image as it was proved by the research.

However, symptoms of different types of colors have been discovered while digging many feet down in the cathedral walls after sometime.


This engraved picture on the rock even today provides spiritual peace to the disciples.

Regardless of the whole incident stated above, today at this very place, a beautiful cathedral of Gothic construction style is established since 1916.

The Cathedral is constructed in the most difficult passage of River Guaitara.
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

What is Synchronicity?

When it comes to define synchronicity actually we are referring to something religious. This implies that our fortune or direction in lifestyle is beginning to be exposed before our imagination.

Synchronicity is while we are getting unusual information from the galaxy that we have to initiate some activities in a particular route.

You may perhaps have encountered this supernatural trend in the previous times. For instance if you are studying a publication and after strolling on the road you observe that other individuals are as well studying it.

Or in case you have supposed about somebody who you have not seen for sometime and suddenly he made a phone call to you on your mobile phone. There are doubtful statements that this might be only a chance, perhaps unusual likelihoods, these types of factors do occur.

However yet there are lots of situations wherein we simply can not describe them and what is more essential is that in the ending we observe that such information advised us to the right position and at the proper period in our lifestyle.

Thus defining synchronicity is very easy – simply be conscious of what is happening around you, be on the lookout and keeps your hearing conscious and you will be able to study the galaxy.

However what is more awesome is the point that you can use it to accomplish your world's objectives. Nonetheless, if you neglect your opportunity you might experience apologetic that your fortune is not bound to modify or you are getting down to undesirable position.

However do not be concerned, since you will have a next opening. These incidents are occurred in loops. Every so often we simply do not show sufficient interest to these incidents, however in the subsequent time it will be all better.

It is similar as a trance or a nightmarish that is taking place every nighttime. It will not allow us to neglect the existence of some thing that troubles us for years.

As per to the definition of synchronicity anything that occurs has a significance. Incidents in our lifestyle are linked. They are linked with individuals, products and the environment.

It is similar to as a large procedure that is operating in balance and it provides everybody of us his or hers chance to create the extreme of us.

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Top Cathedrals of the World

A glimpse of few of the globe's famous Cathedrals that are not only exclusive in their manufacturing design but also prominent due to unique incidents linked with them.

Cathedral of Milan

Milan Cathedral is situated in Milan; Rome and.is the greatest Cathedral in the country. It was constructed in 6 hundred years starting from 1386 till 1965.

There is a pin present on the curve of the church, which is according to Christian faith is thought to be used for crucifying Jesus. On specific spiritual ceremonial days, this pin is put to display for the public.

Additionally, “Organ”, a melodic appliance, is the greatest appliance in Italy, which is generally used in the spiritual traditions. Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned in this Church in the year 1805.

Further a protestor threw a marble replica on the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi at this very place. Milan Cathedral gained great popularity all over the world after this incident.

Cathedral of Burgos

The famous “Burgos Cathedral” keeps an exclusive place because of its large and enormous area and Gothic style of construction.

This cathedral is dedicated with the name of Hazrat Marium and was manufactured in 1221 on the instructions of King Ferdinand and after 9 years, people started worshipping here on regular basis.

Nevertheless, the beautification of the Chapel was ongoing for two hundreds of years. The exterior front aspect of the Chapel is adorned taking shape of French Gothic fashion while German Gothic chic is obvious in other parts.

The Steeples of the Chapel are 88 feet lofty. The Burgos Chapel that is designed with stunning embroidering, esteemed with sculptures and creative works was announced “World Social Heritage” by UNO in the year 1984.

Cathedral of Saint Henry Lalibela

This cathedral is located in Lalibela, Ethiopia, which is the globe’s most ancient country. It is dedicated to Saint George and maintains great value because of its construction style.

A hard rock was excavated for constructing this Chapel. It was constructed in the 13th century and maintains style of Monolithic construction. In an exclusive Monolithic style, creative perform is clipped, carved or imprinted on a single piece of stone having no joint.

There is an old belief that the God and the George Saint directed a monarch Gebre Mesqel Lalibela of Zagwe kingdom of Ethiopia (1137-1270) that he should build or develop the Chapel rooting out of the earth.
Thus, a stiff rock was dug out, on the instructions of monarch Gebre Mesqel Lalibela from the hub in a way that the 30 m lofty and 25 m broad rugged aspect similar to crucify left behind, which was set in a big crater.

Later on this crater was made bigger from inside and a big hall acquiring the shape of crucify was constructed. The exclusively designed Chapel was declared as the “World Social Heritage” by UNO in the year 2006.

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The Cathedral of Saint Basil

Obtaining the form of onion and containing 9 multicolored minarets, Saint’s Basil’s cathedral is located in Moscow, the city of Russia.

Saint Basil’s cathedral is situated at Red Square and is known as Main Cathedral or merely Cathedral as well.

The minarets are covered with rainbow colors, while, stunning needlework and images of the middle ages have also been crafted on the interior walls of the cathedral.

The United Nations Organization determined the Saint Basil’s Cathedral as the “World Cultural Heritage” in 1990. Saint Basil’s cathedral was constructed in 1555.

As per the old belief and custom, the manufacturing of the cathedral was undertaken by two people “Postinic Ykulo” and “Burma”.

Emperor Ivan IV of Russia passed orders to both of these construction experts for the construction of the Cathedral.

Ivan IV was the foremost emperor, who used the title of “Czar” for himself. Ivan IV is also known as “Ivan the Terrible”.

Previous to the manufacturing of Saint Basil’s Cathedral at this place, according to a belief, the local Saint Basil (1468-1552) had initiated the Ivan that there was the Church at this place, and for that reason new Church should be built here once more.

Consequently, Czar Ivan approved for the construction of the Church and when after a short time, Saint Basil departed from this world, the clues of the under earth Church were originated at this very place.
”Czar Ivan” greatly influenced by this happening, and not only assigned the name of the Church with Saint Basil but also buried Saint Basil within the boundaries of the Church.

By profession Saint Basil was the cobbler, nevertheless a fascinating famous thing was that he used to pilfer things of wealthy people and hand out them to the deprived.

Another captivating thing was that at the time he commanded the Czar of Russia for the manufacturing of the Church, he reached before him undressed; nonetheless, body was covered with shackles.

It is famous that Czar Ivan passed orders for the building of Church after being overcome of his apparel.
One more amazing thing in regard of the creation of the Church is that Czar Ivan had got all the constructors sightless after the building of the Church, for the reason that nobody can ever be able to construct the identical Church in future days.

Possibly this is the cause that there is no identical church in the entire Russia.

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Portray of Woman in Islam?

Islam creates out the pose of a lady to be similar as that of a man. It states that both come from the same heart.

In a lady, we notice three dissimilar people – a mom, a spouse and a girl. The pose of the mom is very much highlighted in Islamic custom. Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) has gone to this point as to announce, “Paradise can be found below your moms’ feet.”

In view to the spot of a lady as spouse, the adages of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) are definite “The most fantastic among you is the one who is the most fantastic towards his household.”

In view to lady as a girl, the Islamic strategy can be acknowledged from the reproofs that the Sacred Quran creates in resistance to the questionable pre Islamic performs at the time of daughter’s birth.

The several regards of husband-wife couple is described in the Sacred Quran as that of 1 heart in two systems. Islam portrays the home as a device in the larger company of a birthplace as a whole.

It talks about of male-spouse as being “a care-taker and manager over the people of the house” and the female-spouse is represented as “a manager over the home of her spouse and his kids.” The house is accordingly explained as a kingdom, where influence is applied by both the male-spouse and the female-spouse.

Islam prophesized an organic breaking up of perform between men and ladies. Since man is best equaled up to combat and make his strategy all the way through the years of life because of his more powerful design and other features, lady is assigned with the troublesome process of bringing up the youthful because of the predominance of the function of affection and compassion in her.

This filled with meaningful departments of perform does not signify that lady has specifically been removed from other kinds of actions.

Islam has plainly described and established the position of a lady in community. As per to the lessons of Islam men and ladies takes advantage from comparative privileges in our community but their public tasks and requirements are diverse. Woman is the queen of her home.

Her significant and acknowledged obligations are to deal with the household matters, to take care of kids with responsibility, to instruct the kids and to function as per the wishes of her spouse.

Nevertheless, Islam does not hold over the lady from functioning in a wide range of public companies. They may perform as physicians, medical professionals, instructors etc. They may also perform a role in state politics.

In light of the above explanation, we understand that Islam has laid down higher stress on the household obligations a lady. Our liberation can be found in performing according to the lessons of Islam.

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