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Monday, September 9, 2013

Overview of an Islamic Life-style

Islam is a religion of humanity and its message is worldwide and everlasting. Islam is not a religion only pledging the betterment and boost up of an individual’s confidential and private life. Neither is it a religion holding of some doctrines, rites, and traditions. It is an absolute means of life.
An idiosyncratic attribute of Islamic way of life is that it is structured, regimented and absolute means of life. It does not detain its span only to the personal life of a man; relatively it furnishes to all the grounds of human survival.

Islam offers assistance in all strides of life - personage, communal, substantial and ethical, financial and political, legal and civilizing, nationwide and worldwide.

One more exclusive attribute of Islamic mode of life is that it sets up equilibrium between distinctiveness and collectiveness. It trusts in the individuality of man and grips everybody individually accountable and answerable to God.

It promises elementary civil rights to the personage and does not authorize any one to interfere with them. It does not support to the view that man must mislay his individualism in the communal societal life or in the country.

The Islamic way of life stimulates a sense of communal accountability in man, systematizes human beings in a civilization and a state and links the person and the whole communal being to sign up to the shared good of all. Prayer in Islam is observed in flock, which vaccinates communal obedience among its supporters.

An outstanding attribute of Islamic way of life is that it does not split life into waterproof partitions of material and spirit. It considers life as unison. It positions not for life denunciation rather for life accomplishment.
Islam does not trust in aloofness. It does not confess any disconnection between ethical and material. It suggests man to dedicate all his powers to the rebuilding of life on strong base.


It educates him that ethical and material influences must be fused jointly and that spiritual deliverance can be attained by using the material means for the benefit of man, and not by living a life of aloofness.

In the eyes of Islam all men are equivalent, whatsoever be their color, tongue, race or nationality. It awakens the conscience of humankind and throws out all bogus blockades of race, standing and riches.

Islam is universal in its stance. It wishes to join humankind under one flag. It gives the note of life and optimism and assures of a magnificent future.

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